get the phone numbers of girls

You know what also works... hey can I have your phone # I wanna text you.
08-25-2009, 11:22 PM
What I don't understand is why everyone here seems to find it nessicary to SE girls. Like seriously, come on. I think when you find the right person you won't need to manipulate them.
This technique is a bit easier for people who feel a little too awkward in directly asking for the number. While she is busy writing down her e-mail address (Facebook, etc...), you don't have to make direct eye contact with her. Making direct eye contact while asking for the number can make asking for the number much more difficult and unnerving.

I also use a technique where I say, "It's been fun, we should talk later..." as I'm about to leave the conversation with her. When she nods or says yes, I pull out my cell and tell her to "go ahead." This way I don't ask for her number, but imply with body language and signaling that I want her number. I call her right there, and tell her my name so she can type my name into her phone, and it also prevents fake numbers.Well I guess this could become useful some day?Wouldn't you come across as being insecure by calling her right there as if you're expecting her to give you a fake number though?Useful, yes indeed. If one day you aspire to get laid. LOL

You call her right there so she knows your number and has a name to go along with it, that way she won't freak out when you call and she thinks it's a random strange person. "Who is this?!?!?!?" Moreover, you don't have to reintroduce yourself, "Hey, it's Chris, remember me from the club??"

Some guys also give themselves funny nicknames to put into her phone like PIMPDADDY because it increases call back percentage from her.How to you expect to get laid if you get nervous looking a girl in the eyes. ^ Lol
I say just get over your shyness. If you get rejected there is always more out there.Yeah, one of the known techniques by PUA's ...
I would go with a different approach, but as u said, this method is probably easier for the shy and insecure guys.facebook = cell phone number guys, its simple to dox. if they give you a fake number, that means there not interested take a hint!

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