How do i hack my router password

How do i hack my router password?
My dad has blocked a blog site. When i try to open, i get the router control page, but when i click on the administration tab, i get this thing that asks me for a password and a user name. How can i hack the pass and the user. Don't tell me to talk w/ my dad. Don't tell me to reset cause then he'll know. btw, im on a wireless network and my computer doesn't have the router driver on it. I cannot change the pass and user because then my dad will know. I might have an idea of the pass, but i don't know the user. HELP and don't say ethical things PLZ cause i am a straight A student and in all Honors and AP classes so, i don't need ant bull that i should talk to my dad and see if he's unhappy w/ my grades.

3 years ago

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