how to hack cpanel

I was wondering whether one could hack his way into cPanel and exploit the security loopholes.

Okay, first of all I would like to clarify my intentions. I have no malicious intention whatsoever and I'm not a hacker, i.e. I dunno any programming languages at all. I have a hosting account at a certain post to host forum, meaning to say, the admin helped me create a cPanel hosting account. I know the username but I dunno the password so I requested it from the admin. He told me and I tried it, but still I can't log into my account. I guess the password's wrong.

Now I'm getting a bit impatient so I wondered if there is a way to basically force my way into MY own cPanel account and change the password from inside out so I could access my cPanel properly the next time I log in. I tried the Brute Force exploit but not sure how that works. I just need to get inside. My question is whether there's a way to force myself inside, more so like a 'thief' trying to break into his own 'house' and opening the lock from inside out.

I hope you get what I mean. Plus, its my own website so I see no harm in trying to hack my own website. Technically speaking, its not even a website yet since I can't log in to cPanel to do anything!

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