how to hack the girls phone numbers

very effective technique for getting a girl's phone number is using the compliance technique called foot-in the-door technique.

It's where you ask your target for a small request that you know your target will comply to, and then immediately afterward ask the target for a large request (the thing that you want).

Homeless guys do this technique all the time, they first ask for a small amount of money (56 cents for example), then when you give it to them, they ask for a dollar or more.

In the phone number situation, you want to initially ask the girl for her e-mail, Facebook, or Myspace address (small request) and get her to write it down on paper, as she is writing this down, TELL her to also write down her phone number too (large request that you want).

I usually say, "Write down your number too." I never ask her to write down her phone number, I feel that if I tell her to do it, she complies better and it puts me into the dominant role.

I've had a huge success rate with this technique, and it's just WAY easier to get her Myspace, e-mail, or Facebook address first because it is a small investment for her.

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