how to hack google account

today morning i got a wierd mail that says you can hack gmail easily

here is the body of the letter

hi friends,

By continuing on down this letter you agree that Hack_Attack69
will not be held responsible for any misuse of
information within these pages. This letter is purely for educational use.
If your intentions are similar proceed
but if not you will be held responsible
for your own mistakes Hello gmail users.
There have been many attempts to hack Unfortunatly all of them have failed,
EXCEPT this one. I though have found out
a revolutionary way to hack gmail.
And might I add it's az easy az ABC.
After 8 months of research we have
found the broken link. AdminPassBot to be exact. AutoPassBot[put at-character here]
is a bot, an auto bot.
You send it a letter and within a week it will
send you one back. The ULTIMATE hack for gmail is as follows:

First send a letter to adminpasster[put at-character here], second
within the Subject heading place the word "Password"
(not in quotes but has to have a capital P) this way
he automated bot recognizes what you are after. Then
in the text field place the name of the person at
gmail that you want to hack (Do not put
after their name). No capital letters are to be put in this place.
Then skip three (3) lines and place your own gmail account
information such as: My login:My password (a smeicolon
makes it easier for the bot to recognize). This way the bot
can verify that your account actually exists. And then supplies
you with the password for the person's account that
you want it for. Here is an example:

To: adminpasster[put at-character here]
Subject: Password

login of the person you want to hack



[ reformatted – Ionut]

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