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Is Mobile Phone Hacking Possible?

By Aamir Attaa · Thursday, May 22, 2008 107 Comments

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Can any one hack Mobile Phone Communication ??? Below is the series of emails and discussion that may reveal instances of Mobile Phone hacking in Pakistan. I am not adding anything, as Zeeshan (the victim) has himself briefed everything.

Only one guide that i want to add is “Immediately change your SIM once you find out that someone is intercepting your communication. Don’t try experiment with any such interception”

Almost 2 weeks ago, 1 got following email from Mr. Zeeshan…

Assalamo Alaikum.

I have been facing a lot of trouble for the last many weeks. It seems as if my Ufone number has been hacked by someone. I have been receiving calls from multiple spoofed numbers which include mobile and land line id’s. My text messages are being intercepted before or after they are delivered to my friends.

The sender (Hacker) has full command over the delivery date, time and telephone number of his choice and he can read my messages and send a reply from any cell number he desires, I am really puzzled. I have sent complaints to the Ufone and PTA authorities through email but they didn’t consider heeding them.

Afterwards, the issue was taken to TGP by Babar Bhatti, and following is the crux of discussion that w

“I really wonder if this can be done by anyone else other than the Operator (at the MSC) or by the legal intercept spooks”…..”I am not going to narrate the details how they do it, as it may reveal very crucial information through which one can intercept your GSM communication”…..”To be quite fair, this sounds like a phone hack and not a sim hack”….”Most of the companies are outsourcing their call-centers now a days and there’s a high chance that the applications are misused by CSR within Operator or their partners”….”as above i would call it inside job”

Mr. Zeeshan mailed me back, with following content after the discussion…

In response to these comments I would ask your permission to let me furnish a few details. I am a student and my phone usage is purely of domestic origin. I don’t consider myself to be liable for the Legal Interception. Secondly, I am using a handset which doesn’t contain GPRS, infrared or Bluetooth facilities, so the possibilities of phone hack are out of place.

About two years ago I received a call from my sister’s cell number, who teaches at University of Karachi. There was a male on the other end who appeared to be a literate figure with an enchanting voice like most of the operators/service representatives possess. He told me that he had found the cell from the parking area and he was willing to return it back to us. I made two or three subsequent calls on the same (my sister’s) number that and it was received by the same person. But when I contacted my sister at her office, she was amazed over the whole situation since her cell was in her possession. I just couldn’t understand how could that man call me and receive my calls.

The same person made me a call from a local land line number a few days later and introduced himself as a service representative of Ufone. He further asked me to let him know three ufone numbers of my choice that I wished to be included into my free favorite list. I didn’t took him serious this time. But when I tried to recall him the number was dead. What was that?

It is for the last many weeks that I am facing similar problems more frequently. The culprit rings me miss calls from multiple mobile, local and international numbers and sends me messages from multiple mobile numbers which include almost all cellular networks of Pakistan. He has even communicated me through the numbers of my contacts via SMS. Whenever one of my contact makes me call or I call him/her during the call an SMS comes from the same number with wordings as, ”KEUN TANGG KARTAY HO ISAY.BOHAT ACHA LAGTA HAY MUJHAY PARESHAN KAR K” etc.. I am sure he can even listen our conversation since short after disconnecting the call I receive messages from the same number that are relevant to the course of the conversation. Let me tell you that most of the spoofed mobile and landline numbers belong to the Punjab region. I really am fed up of this situation and I have settled to terminate the use of a cell phone .This is a ruthless practice of Harassment and no one is there to rescue the victims. I am sure that I am not alone having such complaints. But I am the one who have raised my voice in pursuit of guidance and security.


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