how to hack zynga account

How To: Hack Zynga Poker Accounts


First thing I gotta tell you is that this is not a Zynga Hack. It's a tutorial/technique about getting accounts with BIG $$$. I'll try to make this as easy to understand as possible.

Step 0. Make a phisher/keylogger/RAT/ or build up some super SE skills.

Step 1. Make an account with one of the following social networking sites (MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Tagged, Facebook) NOTE: FaceBook is the most DIFFICULT site to do this with.

Step 2. Add the application (Zynga Texas Hold Em Poker) to you'r profile. (For better results, add other apps so as they aren't to become suspicious.)

Step 3. Open the poker application and go to a big table with RICH players (DO NOT TALK TO THEM) and find their social networking site and their name.

Step 4. Go to that website, make an account if you do not already have one and search for their name. (NOTE: if it is a common name odds are it's a waste of time and you should find a partially complex name to ensure you have the correct account)

Step 5. Add them as a friend. (NOTE: if their account is set to private, send them a welcome message first to ease them up a little bit)

Step 6. Chat with them for a few days about NON-poker related stuff. (Ex. girls if it's a guy, boys if it's a girl, or sports always works too) Do NOT over do the chatting.

Step 7. If you're using a phisher to hack them, I recommend you start up ANOTHER conversation that will lead into something that you can send them a link (the phisher) and they'll fall for it.

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(Ex. Ask them why they have two myspace accounts. When they say they only have one, send them the MASKED phisher link and say that is another IDENTICAL profile to theirs. This technique works well because people will be more vulnerable to trying to figure out why there is a wanna-be profile of them.)

If you're using a keylogger or RAT, lead them into a conversation about something that they'll download.

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(Ex. Talk to them about how you both like video games or something and that you have the new version of a game that you downloaded off rapidshare. Then when they ask for it be a little hesitant. Then, say they owe you. It'll take their minds off it being a scam.)

If you're using your MASTER SE skills, then you're gonna have to do more conversing. I recommend you talk about different topics. Try to get one of them to lead into you getting their e-mail address. If you play smooth they'll never know what hit them. Once you have their e-mail address you'll know what secret questions you need to ask them. DO NOT ask them the secret question the same day. I usually wait like 2 days MINUMUM. Slowly but not OBVIOUSLY work your way into asking them the first secret question. Once you have that first half done do the same with the second question.

Step 8. Once you have access to their account, you have access to their chips. I recommend if you want to be safe, transfer chips to 3-4 different accounts. Not all chips to all accounts but evenly. It'll prevent a ban and it'll ensure you don't lose all the chips in one hand like I've done.

This tutorial is COMPLETELY for educational purposes ONLY.

If anyone uses this tutorial for illegal purposes it is in THEIR hands NOT mine.

If you liked my LONG tutorial that took roughly 15 mins to write, please say thanks.

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