Mobile Hacking

Although hacking is generally associated with computers, mobile phones are also at risk from hackers. Mobile phones that use wap use wireless connections to access the Internet and these connections can be easily hacked into. Phone companies have also been hacked before with the hackers gaining access into thousands of mobile phone user records. There are different ways to hack into mobile phones depending on the type of wap connection they use. Bluesnarfing for example is the specific method of hacking into phones that use Bluetooth connections. A hacker would do this in order to copy all of the information on the phone such as the contacts for instance.

People are using their mobile phones to send increasingly private information as technology enables the use of email, etc on mobile phones. Hacking of a mobile phone can cover the hacking that involves tricking the mobile phone company into providing free texts, calls or wap. It can also include the cloning of sims in order to charge calls under another person's name and number or even the use of hacking to gain access to a person's confidential information such as passwords or various account details.

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