personal security pakage

Minute Pesronal Security Package (PSP) is a complete set of tools created to block viruses , worms ,hackers ,unauthorized users and other malicious application from entering your personal computer. PSP locks the computer system to external connections by analysis of network traffic and isolates, records, and warns the user of all hacking attempts. PSP includes an integral virus protection desinged to block both known computer viruses and unknown worms and other malicious application flowding the internet. PSP uses combination of several security techniques to provide its integrated protection. In addition to highly sophisticated personal firewall for controlling both incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer , PSP uses advanced malicious application detection system to proactively blocks worms and viruses and keep them out of your PC. The integration of personal firewall techonology in the application level , with its unique capabilities in detecting and blocking worms,viruses and malicious applications provides complete protection which is essential for any Internet user. you can free download Personal Security Package now.

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