Acer K11 Pico-Projector with Card Reader

Acer K11 pico-projector can provide a monitor for video presentations and your netbooks and notebooks. Acer K11 is able to function without being connected to a laptop or media player: thanks to the USB port and SD card reader reads presentations, photos and video.

The projector works by exploiting the DLP and LED lamps in order to provide a duration of 20,000 hours and provide a good contrast of images. Acer K11 weighs 0.55 Kg and measuring 122 × 116 mm, integrating the control pad on the chassis. The contrast is 2000:1 and brightness is 200 ANSI lumens. Acer K11 is connected through the HDMI port or USB and supports many formats PC (with native resolution of 858 × 600) is 4:3 or 16:9.

Also interesting is Acer InstantPack that allow to disconnect power to the projector without having to wait for cooling, so as to speed up and leave for another business appointment. Acer K11 is available at € 426.

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