The “Hacker Factory” Now Has Rules

Well, if you read the news you’ll find out that a lot of the evil hackers out there are graduates in computer science. They have a lot of knowledge and some of them have decided that researching just doesn’t cut it – they have to gain profits in some other way. However, the people that are teaching them, giving them the knowledge they need either to uphold security or to take it down have now taken a decision.

The MIT is basically a hacker factory, and I’m not saying this in a bad way – as you might have already known, hackers are not always evil, wreaking havoc on the web. The term “hacker” is very wide. However, teachers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are not encouraging such behavior and an official has warned the students (via e-mail) that causing a little mayhem is acceptable but breaking the law isn’t.
“Historically, hacks have been creatively and thoughtfully executed without injury, destruction of property, or public notoriety for the hackers or MIT”, Phillip Clay, the school’s chancellor, said in the e-mail, as The Boston Globe informs.
Some students need to be reminded of some things, they have a lot of knowledge and should use it carefully. I guess that you all know that saying – “knowledge is power”, but in the case of these students, this is more than true. Knowing how to hack a computer is a great feat – a lot of nasty stuff can come out of it. And you’ve heard about that movie showing how an industrial fan could self-destruct if the right computer is hit by a hacker. Now, if these youngsters are given all that knowledge (power), it would be a great idea to teach them responsibility too. So, in my opinion, it’s great that someone brought up the subject and that the MIT teacher is at least warning his students to steer clear of illegal hacking!

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