Evonik Wind Explorer Kite Car

Wind Explorer is a wind powered electric car, an inspiring ideas about limiting the bad effects of traffic on the environment. This hi tech car has crossed the 3000 miles along Australia is approximately 4800 km due solely to energy supplied by wind. A tower installed / removed with a turbine at the top allowed the collection of energy during stops and while traveling the small electric motor ensured a smooth drive, flanked by a large kite.

The special feature of the Wind Explorer is that it is an electric vehicle with its own mobile power supply. When the battery is empty, the pilots can recharge them via a portable wind turbine, if wind conditions allow, or via the conventional power network. It takes half an hour to erect the turbine and six-meter high telescopic made of bamboo. In addition to wind power, the Wind Explorer can be driven by kites. In this way, the lightweight vehicle reached speeds of around 80 kph.

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