Google to begin offering encrypted search

Google plans to offer encrypted search next week, it announced on Friday after disclosing it collected samples of British households’ web surfing and email data without their knowledge through Street View.

Google’s Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience, hinted that such a feature was coming on Thursday during a question and answer session at Google’s annual stockholder meeting. But the company must have decided it could no longer wait following the disclosure that it had improperly collected internet usage data from Wi-Fi hot spots as part of its Google Street View programme.

“Earlier this year, we encrypted Gmail for all our users, and next week we will start offering an encrypted version of Google Search,” Google said in its blog post on Friday on the Street View issue. Google encrypted all Gmail accounts in response to the hacking incidents that prompted its decision to move its Chinese-language search operation from Beijing to Hong Kong.

For more on this story, see Google to offer encrypted search next week on CNET News.

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