Hacker bust for virtual theft

Hacker bust for virtual theft. Dutch police arrested a 17-year-old who stole ÂŁ2 500 worth of virtual furniture from an online hotel. The teenager was arrested after playing Habbo Hotel, an international online community with an estimated seven million members and an annual turnover of ÂŁ3 million, states The Times. The game allows players to create virtual characters, or Habbos. These characters can take their own rooms in the hotel, which they can then decorate with their own furniture. The furniture is purchased with special Habbo credits, but the credits are paid for with real money.

The teenager hacked into the accounts of other Habbo community members, took their furniture and put it in his own room. The 17-year-old has been charged with hacking and burglary.

Dell unveils all-in-one PC

Dell has introduced an all-in-one computer that combines the monitor and CPU in one box, says PC World.

The XPS One will be available as a system with only a widescreen display, a mouse and keyboard. Processing capabilities and other components will be fixed inside the display.

The systems will be available in four designs with the monikers indicating the target audience: the Essential One, the Music One, the Performance One and the Entertainment One.

eBay bot hops to other sites

Yet another sophisticated Web-based attack against eBay and its users is being investigated by a Tel Aviv-based security vendor that discovered a similar attack two months ago involving a custom-made bot designed to steal accounts, states Network World.

Ofer Elzam, Aladdin Knowledge Systems’ director of product management, says his firm has determined in the last few days that at least two Web sites, Save Our Planet and Nova Radio, appear to have been compromised with malicious code that combines to launch an attack against a site visitor.

The goal of the attack is to combine code to break in through the browser to the victim’s desktop and install a Trojan to collect eBay user account information, if it’s found, and connect to eBay to use that account information to commit fraud.

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