Hackers Could Shut Down Car Engines!

Some people just have no idea what they are doing. Here we go again – this is another case of overzealous security that can seriously end up in hurting the ones who should be protected!
General Motors is going to come up with a system to make car thefts history‌ at least in their opinion! The technology is called Stolen Vehicle Slowdown and it’s used, as you might have imagined, to slow down cars. So, basically, should the Police be chasing a stolen vehicle, or a speeding one, they could call GM and ask for them to remotely shut down the engine. Now, surely this would help the Police a lot, but let’s think what else could happen.

Over the time, we’ve learned that hackers can do just about anything if they have the right skills and the right tools. So, if they bypass GM security systems and gain access to the control panel for this technology, things could end up in a disaster! Also, malicious insiders could wreak havoc on the streets, by abusing this system.

And imagine what could happen if a hacker accesses the system and, instead of slowing down the engine, would actually reverse the process and increase velocity – now that would cause a lot of problems, probably death! Also, these systems are going to be controlled remotely, fact which means jamming stations could be put in place to avoid control. I don’t even want to think what could happen if a terrorist gained access to this system!

These are just a few possible things, and when GM releases this new technology, they need to think things through and be pay even more attention to aspects of security! But do not worry, this system isn’t something compulsory. You have to choose if you want it or not; furthermore, it’s not out yet – it’s going to be available in 2009. I hope that by then, they will have the time to improve security too. And I certainly hope that nothing of what I have predicted in this article is going to come true!

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