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Hacking can be used for both defense and offense, which means that you can use hacking in both constructive and destructive ways. You need to know hacking tricks if you want to protect yourself, your computer, email address or websites from evil eyes. There are many e-books and tutorials available on hacking, but none of them reveal the actual hacking methods. Since many people might have been wanting a hacking toolkit that explains the A ti Z ethics of hacking, I planned to come up with a post on hacking tricks.
From the very beginning I want to mention that this is not for those people who want to use it illegally, but for those people who wear a white cap and want to know the ethics of hacking just to keep the things safe and better. The Secrets of Hacking, has been published by an Indian Government certified security company which covers all latest tips and tricks on hacking. You can find a lots of valuable security measures that every computer user, website owner or email address owner should follow.
hacking book
The Secrets of Hacking is a pack of hacking tools and tutorials. This package comes with a tutorial guide and two pieces of DVDs. You can find more than 1400 security tools (setup files) with 200+ hacking e-book tutorials. These tutorials will help you in understanding the basics of hacking while you can use the set up files to check various security concerns.
This hacking set will describe the following things in a elaborated manner :
  1. Introduction to real hacking
  2. Windows hacking tricks
  3. Malware Research (Advanced)
  4. Password Hacking
  5. Email Hacking
  6. Domain Hacking & Website defacement
  7. Mobile and Computer hacking
  8. VOIP and Wireless hacking
  9. Advanced Hacking Systems
  10. Security Systems and Networks
Few of the key features of this hacking toolkit are :
  1. How hackers hack Gmail, Yahoo email addresses
  2. How to hack into a computer system (Windows, Linux)
  3. How to hack into a system remotely using ports
  4. How credit card and net-banking passwords are being stolen
  5. How they gain access to restricted college or official websites
  6. How to keep your computer data secure from hackers
This toolkit is available in various shops related with computer accessories. However, you can now get it for $49 (700 INR). http://promo.thesecretofhacking.com/
P.S : This post is not meant to encourage people with new hacking tricks. This is an informational post on how to keep yourself secure by knowing some common hacking tricks. I strongly discourage people from staying away from hacking as it’s illegal and immoral.

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