katrina kaif sex scandale 2011

Katrina Kaif is a hot actress in bollywood film industry.
When 2011 comes Katrina Kaif sex scandal are comes on screen, nobody know who are this person with Katrina Kaif in bad style. Katrina Kaif laydown on sofa and he lay down on her. Every one wants to know what’s reality. when Indian media asking form Katrina Kaif about this sex scandal then she refuse to talk on this scandal and just tells that this is not Katrina Kaif in this picture some one wants to blackmail and fear form my popularity and designs this kind on
pictures this picture is fake not reality. But if we see closely then she is very close to Katrina Kaif pictures. Some people say that may be this picture before their bollywood career may be some one with her. What can I say what is reality not body know about it. Indian media try to find out reality but not
any point they can find. If any photographer involve it to create this fake picture then who is this. After this scandal Katrina Kaif avoid media talk and comment on it. every body know hat Katrina Kaif is so sexy as he prove in song shila ki jawani. In this picture Katrina Kaif wear saree with bra style blouse.

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