Microsoft claims Android infringes on patents

Microsoft on Tuesday publicly asserted for the first time that Google’s Android operating system infringes on its intellectual property.

Microsoft has taken the position, according to those close to the company, that Android infringes on the company’s patented technology and that the infringement applies broadly in areas ranging from the user interface to the underlying operating system.

In a statement to ZDNet UK’s sister site CNET News, Microsoft deputy general counsel Horacio Gutierrez said although Microsoft prefers to resolve intellectual property licensing issues without resorting to lawsuits, it has a responsibility to make sure “competitors do not free ride on our innovations”.

His comments came as Microsoft and HTC announced they have inked a new patent deal that specifically provides the Taiwanese cell phone maker with the right to use Microsoft’s patented technologies in phones running Google’s Android operating system. Microsoft said it has been in talks with other phone makers.

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