Microsoft introduces online web applications in new version of Office

Microsoft has announced the release of the latest versions of the business editions of Office and SharePoint.

A key feature of the launch is the ability to ‘work virtually anywhere’ with Microsoft Office Web Apps, what it calls the online companions to Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and OneNote.

It claimed that this will help preserve the look and feel of a document regardless of device, so the content and format are generally preserved while moving between the PC, phone and browser.

There is also added capabilities for mobile use, as Office Mobile 2010 has been made available for free via Windows Phone Marketplace for all Windows Mobile 6.5 phones with a previous version of Office Mobile.

The company explained that with Office Mobile, people can work with Office documents stored on their phone, attached to an email, and can browse, edit, and update documents stored on a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 site. SharePoint intranet sites and communities also help people collaborate, regardless of location.

The Web Apps are also available to all Office volume licensing customers, and in addition, customers will be able to purchase a subscription to Office Web Apps as part of Microsoft Online Services, Microsoft’s cloud-based applications.

There is also the ability to connect and collaborate with co-authoring in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote; advanced email management and calendaring capabilities in Microsoft Outlook; and the addition of the new Microsoft Outlook Social Connector, which brings communication history and social network feeds directly into Outlook.

Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft Business Division, said: “Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 define the future of productivity. With the 2010 set of products, organisations will save, innovate and grow as their people benefit from working across the PC, phone and browser.”

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