Mobile Keyloggers and Your Credit Card Information

I’ve touched on the topic of mobile keyloggers in the past, but as they are quickly growing in popularity I find it important to raise the issue again. Mobile keyloggers for anyone unfamiliar with the topic is cell phone software that records every keystroke one types into their mobile keypad. Much like its computer related predecessor, mobile keyloggers are used as a tracking/recording device.

Why does the average cell phone owner care about mobile keyloggers? The recent global consolidation of landline/mobile service providers is a good indicator of how many people are ditching their landline in favor of only having wireless service. For years now, I’ve personally only had a mobile phone without a second thought of a landline. The issue then becomes the information that we so willingly punch into our mobile phones. Consider that last call you made to your credit card company, chances are (if your experiences are anything like mine) you had to navigate through the seemingly endless queue where you were required to provide everything sacred from your card number to the blood type of your first-born before reaching a live representative. This act of providing your information could be one of the greatest mobile threats we face as a mobile community.
Every credit card type is identifiable by the first four digits making your credit card number the easiest data for mobile keyloggers to target. I don’t need to go into the havoc that having your credit card number in the wrong hands can cause as we’re all familiar with the world’s horror stories. If you are a skeptic that thinks this is an isolated thing that won’t get your phone, consider that a simple Google search I just did of “mobile keylogger” which yielded over 2.2 million results. Mobile keyloggers are readily available around the world and are already tracking millions of unsuspecting mobile users. I encourage you to start considering a mobile security solution such as MyMobiSafeŽ so that you can keep your mobile information private. The mobile environment is changing with the heavy migration of financial information for cell phones. Start protecting your phone and your information today. Keep following my blog for the latest mobile security developments/tips.
By: Eric Everson, Founder –

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