Google AdSense is not allowed to advertise on Facebook

Facebook vs GoogleAdsense 358x243 Google AdSense isn’t allowed to advertise on Facebook
There are so many companies that are advertising on internet and earning a huge amount of capital. These companies are also offering different opportunities to developer and internet users to generate a huge amount of income from ads on their sites and services. By far and away the largest and most well-known is Google AdSense, which Google counts as its biggest revenue stream.
Until recently AdSense was allowed on Facebook, meaning any developer wanting to support a Facebook app with adverts could use Google. However, that is no longer the case, and AdSense has been effectively banned from the social network.
In order to be listed as advertising provider on Facebook, companies has to sign up for the Facebook Platform Terms of Advertising Providers and agree to Facebook’s policies. The deadline for getting on to that list was February 28, and as of today AdSense is not on the list.
The reason AdSense doesn’t feature on facebook app is not known, but it is most likely down to Google not agreeing to some of those platform terms. The result being it has just lost access to the largest social network on the web and more than 500 million users who visit the site regularly.
While Facebook-related revenue may only be a small portion of Google’s advertising revenue, the biggest losers in this seem to be Facebook developers. According to the forums, those advertisers now listed offer much lower returns on nowhere near enough content to fill the hole left by AdSense’s possibly forced departure.
A post from Facebook developer forum administrator Nick Gianos suggests that the reason a company isn’t allowed to advertise on Facebook is purely down to them not signing the agreement. In which case this is definitely a case of Google not agreeing with some terms. I doubt Google would forget about a deadline which cut off its entire ad revenue from Facebook.

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