Logitech Cam TV – HD Webcam For Google TV

Designed for Revue, the Logitech Cam TV is a webcam for Google TV, video calls via TV and beyond. The video format is 720p HD resolution, more than enough for high quality video via HD Vid Logitech, a web container where to put friends and family and talk about whatever the method used, whether Mac, PC or Google TV.

Designed for the living room, this webcam has two directional microphones (and then transmitting a stereo audio) that reduce the noise intruders as well as the caller’s voice (which probably is far from the camera sitting on the couch), and the echoes.
The wide angle also allows you to see a larger area of the room and make video calls with the whole family magnificence on the couch! To approach the image, however, there is a 5x digital zoom. Rounding out the envelope notification on-screen call Carl Zeiss optics, and are made to raise the price of this webcam to well-$ 149.99, about 107 €.

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