Velor X-Trike Tricycle Motosalon Brno 2010

The Velorex X-Trike tricycle has been unveiled at Motosalon Brno 2010. The vehicle is heavily based on the original and survived the three-wheel arrangement, and of course the typical rates of twist.

With its doors opening like Ferrari, Velor-X-Trike’s engine is a Honda motorcycle volume 1.3 liters. The mass of the vehicle is about 500 kg with a top speed over 200 km/h. This vehicle with a seating capacity for two is driven by the rear wheel via a chain. Created by Paul Brida, Velor Velor-X-Trike measured 3.8 meters in length, 1.9 meter width and a height of 1.32m. The vehicle designed by the firm Motoscoot and its price will start from 19 900 euro.
Also, each tricycle is equipped as per customer’s need and the plan versions are S, LS, GLS, and R (from Racing). Racing version should offer more than 200hp at a weight considerably reduced to 400 kg.

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