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This document surveys current and planned languages and interfaces for developing World Wide Web based applications prefaced by a discussion of the characteristics of such languages. The principal goal of creating this document was to identify the various languages currently in use and to provide some insight into the context in which each language is used. Secondarily, the authors sought some insight into the directions that Web programming was going, especially in the context of the intense publicity surrounding Sun's Java.
This document does not attempt to provide in-depth tutorials on these languages and systems. It attempts to be complete in its listing of alternatives. References are provided to more information about each. Our intent is to keep this document current if it proves useful.
General purpose programming languages (e.g. C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN) have not been included in this survey unless there are specific uses of those languages for web programming other than conventional development of clients and servers. In most cases, only variants of such languages specialized for web programming are included here, and, in such cases, are generally listed by the variants' names.
Almost as soon as this effort was started, other similar efforts were encountered. The list that follows is a partial listing of the efforts encountered and used to compile this document.
Modern Web Programming
Distributed Computation
Issues in the Dmobile code
evelopment of Distributed Hypermedia Applications
Joint W3C/OMG Workshop on Distributed Objects and Mobile Code/
Computing Languages List.
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