ScriptX, a multimedia object-oriented programming language, was the principal technology produced by Kaleida Labs, a joint venture of IBM and Apple started along with Taligent and PowerPC. Kaleida Labs was shut down late in 1995, with ScriptX considered two years behind schedule and having lost a significant portion of its potential market to MacroMedia's Lingo. Release 1.5 of ScriptX and the associated Media Player (required to view ScriptX scripts) was announced in January, as control was passed to Apple.
ScriptX proponents tout its platform independent persistent object store, and rich multimedia class library. One use of the former is as a local cache for applets retrieved over the Internet.
Authoring and Delivering Networked Multimedia: Integrating ScriptX with the Web provides an interesting analysis of ScriptX's potential on the Internet.
Re: Python - ScriptX similarities... compares Python and ScriptX. is an sample ScriptX program from Dr. Dobb's Journal. It looks similar to Python and Dylan.

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