PSN Hacking – The law-suit is closed, Sony paid the charges

The lawsuit that was filed against Sony for the famous hacker attacks suffered by the NDP in 2011, or at least one of those organized in the United States, has been closed by Judge Anthony Battaglia, Sony released all the charges. The reason being that none of the plaintiffs in the law-suit signed up for any premium subscription on Playstation network, and used the services for free.

PSN Logo1 PSN Hacking   The law suit is closed, Sony paid the charges
In addition to receiving the free service, there is another point that free Sony accusations: the same formulation of the cause is hereby given that the service has been suspended for an illegal attack brought from outside intrusion into the Network which Sony is not responsible for. Addition to the agreement signed by the use of PSN users it is reported that if the system is not perfect and that errors and problems can emerge, then the person signing the agreement does so at his own risk with regard to any failure.

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