Some best and common Facebook hacking techniques

In this article i will tell you some hacking techniques which is used most commonly and is considered to be best.

We have discussed alot about popular password cracking methods such as Bruteforce, Dictionary attack and Rainbow tables. However a question I get asked frequently is if it's possible to crack a Facebook account. So I wish to clear concepts related to Hacking/Cracking Facebook accounts. First of all "Hacking a Facebook account" and "Cracking a facebook account" are both different terminologies.
Hacking a facebook account refers to foolproof methods such as Phishing, keylogging, Social engineering etc.However the terminology cracking refers to the methods such as Bruteforce, Dictionary attacks etc.
1:Brute Force Attacks 
2:Dictionary Attacks
3:Cracking Facebook Accounts
4:Hack A Facebook Account By Exploiting Facebook's Trusted Friend Feature 
6:Hijacking Facebook Fan Pages 
7:Hack Facebook Account Status - Facebook Status Vulnerability
8:Facebook phishing
10:Session Hijacking
11:Sidejacking With Firesheep
12:DNS Spoofing
13:USB Hacking 
14:Man In the Middle Attacks
16:Movable Mobile Hacking

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