Zalman U3 Series External Hard Drives

Zalman introduced three new external hard drives of U3 series, these hard drives sport an USB 3.0 interface, the 2.5-inch HDD/SSD-supporting Zalman ZM-HE250 U3, 3.5-inch compatible Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 and Zalman ZM-HE350 U3E.

The ZM-HE250 U3 measures 84 x 16 x 134 mm and has an aluminum and polycarbonate construction, while the two ZM-HE350s are 116.6 by 47 by 201 mm and have a similar build. All three enclosures support SATA drives and have an USB 3.0 connector, while the ZM-HE350 U3E also adds an eSATA port to the mix. The trio’s pricing and release date were not announced.

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