TeliaSonera Samsung GT-B3730 4G USB Modem

Samsung GT-B3730 4G modem is the company’s first USB-based modem from TeliaSonera that offers 4G network connectivity as well as a backup plan – either 2G or 3G wherever there is no 4G coverage.  This is a wise thing since 4G has yet to come up to par in most countries.

This USB modem will sport Samsung proprietary Kalmia chip which supports the 2.6GHz band, while handling 3G on 2100MHz with 2G/EDGE on 900MHz/1800MHz. It will support both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Currently, TeliaSonera has nationwide 4G licenses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. During 2010, 4G network roll out will see action in Sweden’s 25 largest cities and vacation areas and a quartet of Norway’s largest cities.
With 3G already being launched in India the day is not far when we would have 4G too. The pricing details are not know at this moment of time.

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