All features of Iphone 5

If you want to know all about Apple Iphone 5 then you are exectly in right place.
Apple is launching its most awaited Iphone 5 with more exciting features and dimensions. Earlier, there had been a lot of rumors about the launching date. But now some sources confirm that it will be launched on Oct 4th, in a media event with the slogan “let’s talk iphone”.

Apple phones are the only mobile phones in the world that people actually wait standing outside Apple’s stores even before launching and this kind of love others companies can just dream of. As the 5th generation of iphone is going to emerge, people are anticipating and desperately waiting for its launch.

Although, apple has not officially announced the exact specification n functions of this phone. But, some features are dictated by analysts n experts.

According to them, the iphone5 is a sim less set with two to three internal antennae. It will have a sim slot to insert any country’s sim except USA. It is said that its screen will be slightly bigger ranging from 3.7 to 4 inches with curved glass display.
Another, estimation is that it will be tear drop shaped nad will be slimmer and lighter than earlier models with aluminum plate casing.

Some people say that Apple will fit an A5 chip in iphone5 with a clocking speed in range of 1.2 0r 1.5 GHz with 1 GB Ram. It is also anticipated that it will b fire proof phone.  An interesting feature is told that it will be charged without the use of cable or plugs by utilizing a dock. It will have rectangular button. It is estimated that it will have 8 MP camera lenses. Its gaming capabilities are also being expected very high supported by multi-core A5 processor and imagination technologies. Iphone 5 will offer 4G and will be LTE network compatible. In 2012, iphone will have an NFC feature that means near field communication. In view of some experts, it will have more battery time than iphone 4 which has 14 hours of talk time. It will be run on latest ios 5 operating system, which comes with 200 new features including improves notification system, news stand, iMessage, the reminder app and iBooks. Another, feature is being guesed by experts that is I Cloud service in operating itunes for wireless remote acess of music from all computers and mobiles. It will also store photos, apps, calendars and documents without storing them onto the phone’s memory storage. And as a tradition of Apple, iphone 5 will unveil some surprise feature.

Its has gain so popularity even before its launch, that people are more than just ready o grab it as it reaches market. A research among mobile users in USA, Mexico and Canada shows that 41 percent of them are willing to buy it. The report also reveals that more than half of BlackBerry users (52 percent) are planning to switch to the new Apple iphone, followed by 51 percent of current iphone users and one in four (27 percent) android users. It will significantly strengthen Apple’s market position and its mobile platform market share will increase from 27 percent to 41 percent.

To sum up in a few words, apple has given new dimensions to cell phone which is no longer just a phone. It’s a lot more and apple iphone 5 can rightly be called “cellular technology at its best...!
Here are some videos about the appple Iphoe 5

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